Puppies Behind Bars Released Dog Adoption Application

The main mission of our organization is to train our dogs to become working dogs. As a result, the process involves rigorous training that is stressful in nature. If our pups do not have the confidence and fortitude needed to perform the jobs for which they are trained, we will not ask them to work. The reason we have the adoption program is because we recognize that not every dog we train has the confidence needed to become a working dog.

Puppies Behind Bars has 23 years of experience in training and placing dogs. We are confident that when a dog is released from our training program due to behavioral issues, and the stressors of the training process are eliminated, the behaviors which caused the dog to be released often lessen considerably. Once our dogs live in homes where they are not asked to perform many commands, are not asked to go into public and greet people while being on their best behavior, and are just generally allowed to be dogs, then what the adopting family receives is a dog who may bark occasionally, but who is also a loving, connected animal that is well trained and the perfect fit for a home and family environment.

We like to provide full transparency to our applicants, which means that we offer full disclosure for the reason a dog is released from our training program. We will work with you to help you make the best decision for your family and for our dog.

Thanks for coming to Puppies Behind Bars!

Puppies Behind Bars charges $4000 for each released dog. Active volunteers will be charged $2000 for each released dog. An active volunteer is defined as someone who has been puppy sitting our dogs for the past twelve consecutive months, fulfilling the minimum requirement of one weekend per month or, for day sitters, two outings per month. Puppies Behind Bars reserves the right to make all final decisions on released dog placement and will match our dogs’ needs with the most appropriate families.

*** Please note: The dog’s name may not be changed after adoption. ***

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* Every new owner will be required to sign a form saying that you will never sell or give away the dog but will return it to Puppies Behind Bars should your circumstances change, and you are unable to properly keep the dog. If you do return the dog due to the above-mentioned, Puppies Behind Bars will reimburse the purchase price of the dog. You will also be asked to submit a form annually telling us how the dog is doing.

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