Explosive-Detection Canine Program

In response to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Puppies Behind Bars began raising explosive-detection canines for law enforcement.

The puppies we choose for this career path, instead of those that are slated to become service dogs, are higher energy, more independent, and have a strong prey drive. We test our puppies beginning at 6 weeks of age to gauge these factors, and base our decision on their natural predilection, which tells us where they will likely excel.

The puppies chosen to become explosive-detection canines (EDCs) are sent to one of our three prisons that specialize in that training. They live there for a year, after which they are tested by law enforcement.

We are very, very proud that over the years our dogs have served in presidential security details, have been on the scene at some of the most newsworthy bombing attempts in our country, and work day-by-day with law enforcement around the country to help solve crimes.

We are also very proud that PBB gives inmates the opportunity to contribute to society rather than take from it, and lets law enforcement see that inmates are capable of doing something positive for the community.