Explosive-Detection Canine Program

Because of the events surrounding September 11, 2001 and its aftermath, law enforcement agencies’ need for dogs has increased. Our organization is honored to have been selected to help meet these needs.

Since September 11th, a number of individuals and companies have gone into the business of training explosive-detection dogs, but they have done so with very little knowledge of how to accurately train such dogs and with little regard for the quality of life the dogs have. As a result EDC dogs that are improperly trained, worked too hard and with too many different handlers, or are “cross-trained” (trained to sniff both bombs and drugs, for example) are making their way into public life. It is probably just a matter of time before one of these dogs misses a bomb or makes a wrong decision, which could have serious consequences. By comparison, PBB is honored to work with the NYPD Bomb Squad and other law enforcement agencies because we have visited their training headquarters, we have seen the love between handlers and their dogs, we have seen the conditions under which the dogs live while they are being trained and we know that the dogs, once trained, do not live in kennels but live at home with their trainers.

Puppies Behind Bars gives inmates the opportunity to contribute to society rather than take from it, and lets law enforcement see that inmates are capable of doing something positive for the community.