2018 Fall Newsletter
First on the Scene

2017 Fall Newsletter
The Constant Stars

2016 Fall/Winter Newsletter
A Very Good Place To Start

2015 Winter Newsletter
The Lady and the Labs

2015 Summer Newsletter
A Dog Worth Fighting For

2014 Winter Newsletter
Shadow’s Light

2014 Spring Newsletter
THE MULTI-TASKING PUPPY: A Week in the Lives of Baron and Justice

2013 Spring Newsletter

2012 Winter Newsletter
Host with the Posts

2011 Summer Newsletter
The Perspective from Inside and Out

2010-11 Winter Newsletter
The Honor of Their Company

2010 Summer Newsletter
All Because of Pele

2009 Winter Newsletter
EDC Does It

2009 Summer Newsletter
Close to the Heart

2008 Fall Newsletter
“It’S The Best Day Ever”: An Autistic Boy and His Dog

2007-08 Winter Newsletter
West Point’s Puppy Platoon

2007 Summer Newsletter
Best of Breed

2006 Summer Newsletter
Three’s More Than Company

2006 Winter Newsletter
A Man, A Plan, A Lab

2005-06 Winter Newsletter
Get the Picture?

2005 Spring Newsletter
FOLLOW THAT LAB! PART FOUR: In Which Grant Becomes A Guide Dog

2004 Summer Newsletter
Bedford and Beyond

2003-04 Winter Newsletter
From Bowhaus To Your House

2003 Summer Newsletter
FOLLOW THAT LAB! PART ONE: In Which a Young Puppy Goes to Prison

2002-03 Winter Newsletter
N.Y.P.D PUPS: Tennis Balls, Dynamite, and Keeping the City Safe

2002 Summer Newsletter
Spring Blooms for P.B.B.

2001 Summer Newsletter
Goord Vibrations

2000-01 Winter Newsletter
Some Enchanted Evening

2000 Spring Newsletter
The Lucie Show

1999 Winter Newsletter
THE INVISIBLE PRISON: A View from the Guide Dog Users

1999 Spring Newsletter
Brandy’s American Adventure

1998 Fall Newsletter
Hoping to Bark Up A New Tree

1998 Spring Newsletter
A New Leash on Life How We Got Started